So here’s what you missed


Autumn is rapidly approaching, if not already upon us. I’m totally okay with that. I was getting really sick of the hot weather. This summer has been brutal and frankly, I finally feel like I can go out and do stuff. All I’ve been wanting to do all summer is sit inside where it’s cold because it’s been so completely miserable outside. That brings me to my next (and only) topic for this post: Out and About!

So last weekend was the first weekend it was pleasant enough to emerge from the cold cave-like atmosphere of our house and venture into the outside world. Mom and I were busy with Quilt Expo Wednesday though Saturday, but Sunday we were free and it was gorgeous out. It was in the low 70s and I don’t think there was a cloud in the sky. Evan had heard about an apple orchard on the news, so we decided to go!

I lied. There are clearly some big, poofy clouds in this photo.

This is Eplegaarden in Fitchburg. They’re all about the Norwegian experience and we had such a blast. We bought 2 20-lb bags (I’m not entirely sure why…) and grabbed a wagon then headed up the hill to the trees to start plukkin!


Mom and I got to the apple trees first (apparently getting an 18-month-old up a big hill is a bit of an ordeal), so we got to picking! We decided to load up 1 of the bags and half of the other bag with Haralson apples so we could make pies. When we got home, my mom started peeling and slicing the apples. Then she put them in gallon ziplock bags with sugar and cinnamon and now we have pre-made pie filling for the winter just waiting in the freezer!

Oskar did nothing to help us pick the apples.

Oskar apples about 15 apples that day (not really). He wasn’t so much interested in picking them from the tree. And why should he be when it was so much easier to just pick them out of the bag in the wagon and eat them?


This weekend is the Cheese Days Festival in Monroe. It’s every other year and it celebrates the cheesemakers and dairy farmers of Green County, Wisconsin. I want to say we have the highest concentration of master cheesemakers in the country, but I’m not positive. My point is this: don’t mess with Green County when it comes to cheese. We will beat you senseless with wheels of our glorious, award-winning cheeses.

Taste of Green County cheese tasting! YAY!

Julie and I ventured down to the festival today and we took a barn quilt tour (AWESOME!), took a tour of a dairy farm and got to talk to the farmers (AWESOME!), I pet a cow (AWESOME!), ate fried cheese curds (UHH… AWESOME!!!), and then came home ’cause it was time. But we’re going back tomorrow for the parade and more cheesy fun!

…Oh yeah, and beer, too šŸ˜‰


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