Meet the Family!


So it was a really busy weekend! Last Thursday, I drove to Chicago to spend the night with Erin and Mo. We had sushi and hung out and it was a grand time, as it always is. I left early-ish Friday morning and drove to Dayton to meet up with Katie. I hadn’t seen Katie in about 8 months, so we got together and got our nails done and had fun catching up. After that, it was a short jaunt to Waynesville to see Sarah and Emily! I hadn’t seen either of them in 15 months, so I was really excited. We made quesadillas and ate, talked, and eventually watched an episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (Rowzdower!). Emily left shortly thereafter and Sarah and I went to sleep. Saturday morning was brunch followed by the wedding of two of my college friends, Greg and Kiersten and their reception. It was really great to see all of my UD friends and to watch those two get married. I’m so very happy for them!

That’s the quick rundown of my weekend, which brings us to, drum roll please, SUNDAY AKA reunion day! I left Cincinnati at 6:45 local time (that’s 5:45 Central time) and drove my little butt to Janesville. I got in around 12:30, so I made pretty decent time, especially with 2 stops. I met Mom and Dad and we drove over to my Aunt Sally’s house in Janesville. We met my mom’s (and my) biological family for the first time and it was incredible. We got to meet the following people (list form makes more sense to me right now):

  • Sally (Mom’s sister)
  • Bob (Sally’s husband)
  • Lindsey (Sally’s daughter)
  • Rebecca (Sally’s daughter)
  • Judy (Mom’s sister)
  • Don (Mom’s brother)
  • Scott (Mom’s brother)
  • Missy (Scott’s wife)

That’s 2 sisters and 2 brothers that we got to meet as well as a brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and 2 nieces! We spent the afternoon by the pool, looking through old photos Sally and Judy had collected to show Mom what their family looked like. It was interesting to see the connections that I never knew existed. I can’t remember who it was, but there was a picture of someone in the generation before my grandmother’s and we all agreed that I look a lot like her. It may have been my great grandmother, but I can’t remember. It’s just fascinating because while my mom grew up not looking like anyone else, I grew up always thinking I looked like my dad’s side of the family because that’s where I saw the similarities. I actually look a lot like my mom and her side of the family! And my oldest brother looks JUST like my Uncle Don.

We talked about health history and the prevalence of thyroid disorder with all of the women. Every once in awhile, we’d all get a little quiet and notice that we were all looking around the table studying one another to find the similarities in features. All around, it was a wonderful experience and I’m glad I got to share it with my mom. One more item to cross off my bucket list 🙂

While we still don’t know who my mom’s father is, both of her sisters said they’d be willing to do a DNA test to see if they’re full- or half-siblings. Judy was going to check with her doctor at her next appointment to ask about it and then Mom and I are both going to get the BRCA test done, too.

There’s just been so much going on! I really want to post a picture of my mom and 3 of her 4 siblings (Scott left before we got a chance to take photos), but Judy is resistant to having her picture posted online, which I can understand. Just trust me when I say there are definite resemblances! I will, however, post this side-by-side photo of my mom and her biological mother. Enjoy!

Life is good.


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